8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman has been very active on social media and just recently, he posted an “Ask Me Anything” on his Instagram account where followers can freely send questions for him to answer.

An interesting question come up when a fan asked, “Why did you say yeah buddy, lightweight baby”.

This is Ronnie’s very popular line wherein even his supplement line, book, and the app are called, Yeah, Buddy!

Let’s Look at ’em Questions to Ronnie Coleman!

We all know that Ronnie has been in pain for a long time and that he is having some treatments, this is where the first question is based.

How is Your Treatment Going? Are stem cells working?

As per Ronnie, “It is working like a miracle!” He said that his pain level before the 1st stem cell treatment is 10 and it went down to 5 right after.

So, it sure does work! And he recommends it too.

What is your greatest achievement? And what would be your lowest moment?

I remember, I watched an interview with Ronnie before where he answered this question already, and it sure is the same thing he mentioned which is lit.

If you want to check out that other interview with Patrick Bet-David, click here!

So what is Ronnie Coleman’s greatest achievement?

It is when he won his first Mr. Olympia. He said,

You know, I treated every show like, “I’m going in to win.” So when I won at that highest level, that is my greatest achievement. If you ain’t winning, pretty much you’re just spinning in circles.

Ronnie Coleman

And what is Ronnie Coleman’s lowest moment?

It’s when he lost with a guy named Lee Priest in 1997.

He mentioned that Lee is a nice guy, but he is not the biggest, nor the tallest. So when he lost on him, that is his lowest moment.

Yeah, Buddy! Lightweight Baby!

Here we are now on Ronnie Coleman’s famous line.

Where did it come from tho? Ronnie said that he is bored when training and he needs something to fire him up and get psyched up, so he comes up with the saying, Yeah, buddy! And tried to scream it real loud and it worked pretty well.


Then, he said it got boring for a while and so he need to come up with something else. So, when he gets ready to do something kind of heavy, he just says lightweight! And it went pretty good for a while but then he said he need to throw something on this lightweight to liven it up,

And so, he comes up with a lightweight baby!


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