The 2021 Arnold Classic winner and Mr. Olympia Top 5 Nick “The Mutant” Walker just shared his incredible transformation. He shared a picture from the first competition he joined compared to his physique on The Arnold Classic this year.

Before the big Mr. Olympia show, Nick Walker had a sudden rise to fame after winning The Arnold Classic where people say he can be Mr. Olympia 2021 winner. Nick ranked Top 5 on the event which is not bad considering this is his first Olympia.

Nick Walker’s Competition History

  • 2012 NPC Gold’s Classic (Teen Men) – 3rd place
  • 2013 East Coast Championships (Teen B) – 1st Place
  • 2013 East Coast Championships: Novice (Lightheavyweight) – 3rd place
  • 2013 Eastern USA Championships (Teen B) – 1st place
  • 2014 Masters National Championships (Teen Heavyweight) – 2nd place
  • 2016 NPC USA Championships (Lightheavyweight) – 6th place
  • 2020 North American Championships – 1st place

He earned his Pro Card after winning the 2020 North American Championships.

  • 2020 Chicago Pro – 4th place
  • 2021 New York Pro – 1st place and was listed qualified for the Olympia.
  • 2021 Arnold Classic – 1st place
  • 2021 Mr. Olympia – 5th place

The Transformation

Here is a video that shows Nick’s transformation over time.

As well, check out this post Nick shared on Instagram.

As per Nick, “It’s about consistency, dedication, preparation, discipline, and sacrifice

He weighs 159 lbs from his first show in 2012 and 250 lbs from the Arnold Classic show. It is incredible how his physique evolved over time.

You gotta be willing to make the sacrifices needed to be at the top, you gotta be able to put the work in even when you don’t want to. You gotta be able to block out all the bullshit and put the work in.” Nick said. ” You just may shock yourself with what your capable of doing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Comments on His Veins Tho

What’s his story with his veins and the calves in the front, I’ve never seen that before.
“…there’s definitely something going on there, it’s a little bit too thick, those veins. I would have this checked out.

AS shown in the video above, Nick explained that his veins don’t bother him at all and that he doesn’t have any issues with it either.

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