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Our Mission

To provide a high quality and reliable content for bodybulding and fitness fans around the world. 

Our Vision

To see motivated individuals reach their fitness goal and be on their best shape ever! 


Ahmed Samir 

About me

I spend most of my time outdoors. 

I workout at least 5x a week, usually after working at the bank and doing some courses in between. 

Not only do I go to the gym often, but I also love to participate in different outdoor activities and sports, most specially in swimming!

  • Banker
  • English Instructor
  • Fitness Coach



About me

I love spending time in front of the computer researching and learning new things every now and then. 

I always work with true crime podcasts on. Playing with my pets is my kind of relaxation. I have 7 cats and 2 dogs!

  • WordPress developer
  • Content Editor
  • Graphic Designer