After the Olympia, Regan Grimes was seen to be working non-stop with his coach Milos Sarcev and are showing massive improvement over time.

Just a few weeks of working after the Olympia, Regan has joined a back-to-back show which is the 4th Annual Legion Sports Fest that happened October 22-24 in Reno, Nevada, and the 2021 KO Egypt Pro that took place on Oct 31st. In between those two shows, Regan also went to Dubai Muscle Show in UAE (Oct 28-30) so he traveled from there to Cairo 2 days before the show.

Legion Sports Fest

Regan Grimes ranked 2nd place in the Legions Sports Fest following Shaun Clarida who got 1st in the show.

1st – Shaun Clarida
2nd – Regan Grimes
3rd – Sergio Oliva Jr.
4th – Tonio Burton
5th – Martin Fitzwater
6th – Joe Seeman
7th – Stan de Longeaux
8th – Maxx Charles
9th – Kenneth Jackson
10th – Patrick Moore

This is impressive because he went from 15th in the Olympia then 2nd in the Legion’s real quick!

2021 KO Egypt Pro

A week later after the Legions and right after the Dubai Muscle Show, Regan Grimes participated in the Egypt Pro where he ranked 1st place and won the show! This made him qualified for Mr. Olympia 2022.

Here are the results.

1st – Regan Grimes
2nd – Mohamed Shaaban
3rd – Samson Dauda
4th – Mohamed El Emam
5th – Mohamed Taha

His results are very impressive. One thing that is noticeable is that he get passed through Mohamed Shaaban who ranked higher than him (10th place) in the Olympia,

He indeed is making a lot of progress and improvement and whatever it is he and Milos doing is definitely working.

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