Before you can dive in and start your strength training journey, it is important for you to understand the core concepts and principles of strength training.

By doing so, you are allowing yourself to fully comprehend how to implement an effective strength training program. Most importantly, It will also help you build a strong foundation where you will be capable of individualizing different techniques and creating your very own program. Not only for yourself but for others as well!

Wait… is it really the strength training that you need?


It happens all the time when you are unsure of where to start. That is when you do research or you ask someone else.

However, keep in mind that it is extremely important for you to know if you are on the right page! Have you ever experienced doing research about something? Like anything. But then, and after a period of time, you then realize that it’s not really what you need?

That sucks, I know. But we can definitely avoid that from happening.

What Take you to Strength Training?

Where does your interest fall?

Are you trying to be fit? Are you interested in increasing your muscle mass and then losing some body fats? Or maybe you’re an athlete and you want to improve your performance? Well, there are a variety of reasons one might have.

Here is a quick summary for you to know if strength training is really something that you need.

What is Strength Training?

Strength training is a physical activity developed to induce changes in muscle strength or muscle growth.
Sample training methods include lifting free weights or body-weight training.

Pretty much, the term itself is already self-explanatory so I’m not gonna dig on that much further.

Meet Mr. Resistance T.

If it’s NOT your first time researching strength training, then maybe you’re familiar with resistance already. Otherwise, I want you to meet Mr. Resistance T!

Ever experience resisting some temptations? Let’s say, food? maybe girls? Some stuff? I don’t know, you name it. But imagine the urge to eat the food you like but are not allowed? Restricted where you have to resist? It is unbearable sometimes and it’s killing you inside. Well, Mr. Resistance T. is a bit similar but in a physical way. He is what we know as resistance training.

Resistance Training

This is the major term where strength training falls.

What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance training is a type of training that causes muscles to contract by making the body resist some movement of force.
It’s done by lifting free weights, running up a set of stairs, or by pushing against a hydraulic apparatus.

Although strength training is more popular with normal people, resistance training is the broadest of all that you need to be familiar with.

Weight Training

This is the third term you need to be familiarized with.

What is weight training?

Weight training is another type of resistance training but can also be a type of strength training. It focuses on the training that involves weight.

It’s really exciting when you get to identify what type is it that you are doing at the moment.

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