An idea comes up, and inspiration kicks in. You wanted to be this, you wanted to be that. You feel motivated and unstoppable. You were determined.

But, how long will it last? How are you so sure that you will be successful? How can you tell that you are on the right track?

Well, that is what I’m here for. To help you identify whether you are determined enough to be the person you wanted to be and give you a solid foundation and make you stronger than ever.

What’s in it For You?

This is the strongest question ever. Listen, this post will be short but will definitely help you a lot. I mean it.

Now that you’ve opened this page, there is no turning back. Let’s have a ‘lil bit of activity here.

Making your own Key to Success.

Let’s start by you grabbing a pen and paper or if not accessible at the moment, open your phone/PC’s notepad.
Once ready, start filling up a short form.

Follow this format.

What's in it For Me

My Goal

Pros (Write 3!)

Action Plan

This form is powerful and knowing those will surely give you a strong foundation to keep working towards your dreams.

A Lil summary

Let me give you a break down of the form and how those will help you. That way, you’ll have a better understanding on what those are and how it might help.


What’s in it For Me – This is just the form title. Having it visible on the form will give you a quick summary of what this is all about so I suggest you have it up there.

Date – Don’t underestimate the power of date. Time keeps running and knowing the date when you’ve written/ answered the form will help you reflect about how long it has been since that day and seeing your achievements is definitely fulfilling.

My Goal – This is extremely important and before you write it in, I suggest you think about it very carefully! This is something that where you have to commit. Is this really what you wanted? Do you see yourself on it in the long way run?

Pros – What are the pros exactly? It is the advantage that you will get when you achieve your goal. Think of at least 3 pros that you will get for this goal. This will get you motivated to continue working on your stuff and will give you a strong hold on your goal.

Don’t Just Let it Go

If something didn’t go well or you feel like nothing is working, don’t just let it go! But rather, look back at the form and visualize you having achieved that goal.


Having to look at the form when you are in a tough times will help you get the fire back burning inside you!

Share it with me!

Once you’re done with the form, take a picture of it and send it to me. You can send it on my email – I would be glad to see that and I will add the photo here on my site if you let me. Let’s inspire each other!

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