Everyone seems to have noticed the huge improvement in Brandon Curry’s overall physique this year. He looked phenomenal on the Olympia stage which made the crowd go crazy. We can clearly say that Brandon Curry is in his best shape for this competition.

Brandon Curry’s entrance on the Olympia stage is so lit. Shoulders and arms seem to be one of his strengths and he was able to display incredibly beautiful packs out there. If you have not seen his posing yet, check this out!

People are saying that Brandon Curry should have worked more on his legs.

There are legit a lot of comments about what else he should’ve worked on to beat Big Ramy. However, there is no doubt that he is looking at his best self, and that indeed is impressive.

Brandon Curry’s Preparation Interview

Sole Premise premiered an interview with Brandon Curry on 12 Oct where says what has been different this year and he also talks about some other stuff.

Let’s take a look at the questions that were asked and how Brandon answered them.

What Made it Different from Last Year’s Olympia?

As per Brandon, what made it different from last year is the feature of having Ahmad Alnaqi in his team.

Ahmad focused on his training where they did more training frequency, more different training variables and they also tracked progressive overload during training so he can see how his performance was.

Brandon said that his body responded great to this kind of training and he feel fresh.

Here is one of Ahmad’s posts on IG where they hang out with William Bonac after the Olympia. That’s Ahmad from the left, then Brandon, then Abdullah Alotaibi (his coach), and William.

Where Does Your Mind Go as You Train?

Well, you know for me, I stayed mostly in the moment,” Brandon says.

He said tho that he still relax and make sure that he set himself to the best performance. Brandon also mentioned that he focused mostly on his breathing which is for him is very important. He said that it can make a huge difference between 2 or 3 reps that you have in the tank.

His Challenge?

He is battling with his coach Ahmed when it comes to training. It happens where Ahmed puts the weight on where he might think he can’t do it but Brandon said that he will push himself to do it.

I may look at him crazy, I may go what you doing? And he says yea I want you to do 10 so I’m like, okay let’s do it.” He mentioned.

Per Brandon, he wanted to put it to the test and prove Ahmad that he can do it and he is not gonna go back down doing a workout.

What Has Helped You Stay in The Sport This Long?

For Brandon, it’s about him pushing himself and not trying to be stupid in the gym.

He also mentioned that he listens to the smart guys and older gentleman who has given him plenty of advice over the years as far as recovery and not training stupid.

It’s also him not bringing his ego in the gym and just keep pushing through. He said that if you bring ego then you might put yourself at risk.

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