TODAY IS THE DAY. The winner of Mr. Olympia 2021 has been crowned!

Congratulations to the Mr. Olympia 2021 BIG RAMY on his second sandow🏆🏆in a row!!

Yet again, for the 2nd time in a row, Big Ramy got his O title.

Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay was announced to be the winner of this most awaited event followed by Brandon Curry as 2nd place and Hadi Choopan as 3rd place. Hadi also won this year’s People’s Champ Award.

The Top 5 Olympia Winners

1st place – Big Ramy
2nd place – Brandon Curry
3rd place – Hadi Choopan
4th place – Hunter Labrada
5th place – Nick Walker

The pressure was really on. All of them displayed incredible physiques that made the whole crowd go wild.

Nick Walker who is the winner of this year’s Arnold Classic was ranked as 5th place on this year’s Olympia. After winning Arnold’s classic, everyone has been talking about whether he can be the next Olympia champion. However, a lot also predicted that he might be part of the top 5 which he did.

Intense Last Minute Battle

As Brandon Curry and Big Ramy stand side by side waiting for the announcement, you can hear the crowd go wild and you can hear the people scream, “BIG RAMY!”

Brandon won the title in 2019 while Big Ramy won in 2020. This title is very crucial as this will mark their 2nd O win.

Incredible Shots!

Take a look at these incredible Olympia shots from our winners!

Top 5 – Nick Walker

Top 4 – Hunter Labrada

Top 3 – Hadi Choopan

Top 2 – Brandon Curry

MR. OLYMPIA 2021 – Big Ramy

People’s Choice Award

Aside from getting 3rd place in the Olympia, Hadi Choopan also won the People’s Choice Award.

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