If you have not already yet, please check out “The Best Guide for Beginners” post before you read through this post is all about the questions that came up under that topic.

Topics discussed in the previous post are:

  1. Training Frequency
  2. Food and Nutrition Intake
  3. Training

Q&A with James Hollingshead!

Curious about what questions were asked in the video? Well, I have them all listed below for you!

  • Calf Training – Genetic or Can You Force them to Grow?
  • Carbs – The food is Training Early in the AM.
  • Pre, Post, Intra Nutrition for More Advanced People
  • Choosing a Coach
  • Training with or Around Injuries
  • How to Implement Intensity sets and Structure Workout
  • Events Prep and Planning
  • Prevention of Injuries, Warm-up Exercises, and gradual warm-up on certain movements

There you go! Make sure to check it out. If you like to binge-watch the whole bodybuilding basics by James, you can click here.

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