After getting his IFBB Pro card in 2016, Justin Rodriguez worked so hard in climbing his way up to the top. He is showing an incredible improvement over the years and is considered one of the most competitive bodybuilders out there.

Not only is he displaying a remarkable path in his career, but he is also showing a positive attitude that is a great influence on everyone.

Hey, Justin Rodriguez is just the 2021 Indy Pro Champion!!!

As well, this year is his 3rd appearance on the Olympia stage where he ranked 8th place overall.

Justin Rodriguez’s Walk to Fame

The first time Justin joined Mr. Olympia is in 2018 where he ranked 16th place in the open division. He did not compete in the Olympia stage the following year but he came back stronger in 2020. From 16th place, he climbed up to 10th place which is remarkably insane.

This year is definitely a step up for him as he got 8th place in Mr. Olympia. That is 2 place up from last year’s result. Not only that, it seems like his ranking even opened up a debate where people say he looks so much better than Iain Valliere who got the 7th place.

See this video for example.

People have been commenting how underrated Justin is. His physique looks way better than Iain and he should’ve gotten a higher rank. Feel free to check the comments on that Youtube video and you’ll see what people are talking about!

Anyway, given all those comments, debates, and stuff, I’m pretty sure that Justin will definitely make a blast on his next competition. Just see his latest post for example.

In just 3 Olympia appearances, he was able to cut his ranking to half which is totally impressive.

Here is Justin’s Previous Results

  • 2021
    • He won Indy Pro this year
    • 8th place in the Olympia
  • 2020
    • Ranked 10th place in the Olympia
    • 2nd in Chicago Pro Men’s Bodybuilding
    • 2nd in New York Pro Men’s Bodybuilding
  • 2019
    • 13th in Chicago Pro Men’s Bodybuilding
    • 5th in New York Pro
    • 5th in Indy Pro
  • 2018
    • 16th place in Mr. Olympia
    • 4th place in Tampa Pro
    • 3rd place in Chicago Pro
    • 3rd place in New York
    • 5th place in Indy Pro
    • 7th place in Arnold Classic
  • 2015
    • 9th place in Arnold Classic South America

It is noticeable how his rankings keep going up and that is so beautiful to look at.

Yet, there’s another year of improvement!


Given all those above, Justin just said in his latest post that he is in “under construction mode” which might probably going to show jaw-dropping results for next year.

Let me end this article with this cute post about him.

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