James Hollingshead a.k.a. The Shed is one of the bodybuilders who has participated in this year’s Olympia and ranked Top 12 in the open division.

A lot of people feel sorry for him for not making it to the Top 10 and most are trying to justify that he deserves a higher rank. But, what exactly happened?

James Hollingshead in the Olympia Stage

For those who have not seen his posing routine yet, here you go!

As well, listed below are the 2021 Olympia Results for your reference.

Mr. Olympia 2021 Results

  1. Big Ramy (Mamdouh Elssbiay)
  2. Brandon Curry
  3. Hadi Choopan
  4. Hunter Labrada
  5. Nick Walker
  6. William Bonac
  7. Iain Valliere
  8. Justin Rodriguez
  9. Akim Williams
  10. Mohamed Shaaban
  11. Roelly Winklaar
  12. James Hollingshead
  13. Hassan Mostafa
  14. Patrick Moore
  15. Regan Grimes
  16. Andrea Presti

How is James Taking it?

As per James’ post on Instagram after the Olympia, he is getting a lot of kind messages from fans but here’s what he got to say.

That is his personal message to his fans.

Redcon also posted a short video of James speaking up about what happened to him in Olympia.

I’m back in the gym training coz of the result. That result is everything U need in order to be better for next time. If that result wasn’t the case or if I didn’t accept the result and tried to blame other factors and not take the blame myself, then there’d be no fucking point being a bodybuilder because I’m in control and I know I got it wrong.

James Hollingshead, Top 12 Mr. Olympia

You can watch the video below.

Some Takeaways from James

James Hollingshead’s incredible mindset is a great influence for anybody out there!


In order to be the best of yourself, acceptance is important. Acceptance of when you make errors. It’s okay to be like, shit man we got this wrong!” James said. “Sometimes justification is the worst thing, sometimes truth and honesty is the best thing for you.”

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