Even though Mr. Olympia 2021 has been crowned already, the IFBB Pro League is still rolling. The 2021 Yamamoto Cup Pro Bodybuilding show started last Sunday, 17 Oct 2021 in Rome, Italy in which by now, we already have the results.

Most of the Mr. Olympia participants have also joined the said event like Andrea Presti, who placed 16th in the Olympia, and Roelly Winklaar who got 11th.

Top 10 Men’s Open Results

Before everything, here is the result of the 2021 Yamamoto Cup!

  1. Nathan De Asha
  2. Roelly Winklaar
  3. Samson Dauda
  4. Andrea Presti
  5. Theo Leguerrier
  6. Milan Sadek
  7. Tim Budesheim
  8. Fabio Romagnolo
  9. Robert Taylor
  10. Kevin Gebhardt

Cheers to the Champ – Nathan De Asha

Here is the final posing routine of Nathan!


This is Nathan De Asha’s 3rd straight pro show this year. On August 15, he won the 2021 Europa Pro contest in Spain, followed by the Arnold Classic UK on Oct 2 where he won as well.

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