212 Olympia champion Derek Lunsford shocked the bodybuilding world last May in the 2022 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro.

Derek confidently stands beside the open guys completely stealing the show with his incredible physique. He simply stands beside Brandon Curry, Nick Walker, and Hunter Labrada who we know are ranked as Top 5 in 2021 Open Olympia.

This is absolutely insane and impressive at the same time! This is unreal and people just can’t stop talking about it.

Let’s take Iain Valliere for example. He posted in his story a snap of Derek with the caption, “Best bodybuilding physique on the planet right now? Might well be, but either way god damn this is impressive as fuuuuaark. I hope he moves to the open, this needs to be on the biggest stage with the biggest and best competitors in the world, (and that’s not shot against 212, it’s just a fact).

Iain Valliere’s story

Can Derek Still Make it to 212?

With the physique he is going, Derek is probably around 250 or 260lbs right now and as we all know, in order to qualify for the 212 division, you should not exceed 212lbs. Derek is way over it and it’s either he works to go down or completely switches to the open.

I personally think that he will shoot for the 2nd option. Everyone else does tho. If he brings the conditioning, he really has a good shot of winning the Olympia.

Let’s take a look at this insane physique comparison of Derek from last year compared to this year.

The image on the left is his current physique while the one on the right is 9 weeks out from the Olympia last year.

What is this guy doing!!!

Better than Nick Walker??

If you can remember last year after Nick won Arnold’s Classic, he became the center of attraction and everyone just go crazy about him because of his achievements and impressive physique.

Now, Derek is on the spot right now.

Nick for sure comes out impressive as well but not as much as Derek. If you noticed it, Derek has a smaller waist which looks really good. Nick certainly is bigger and looks better in the arms region but we can say that based on their overall physique, Derek exceeds him for sure.

But wait, here’s the thing…

Given the fact that Derek Lunsford is way bigger now, he for sure qualifies for the open already.

Everyone thinks that he will get a “Free Invitation” to compete in the open this year. If you are following Derek, you will notice that he is not really concerned about going down to 212 but rather, he is working his ass out to be bigger and better.

That might not concern you, however…

Bodybuilders are pissed at Derek!!!

Some bodybuilders just found it not fair for Derek to get a free invitation to the open division. What they’re talking about is that Derek should earn it and at least compete with any pro show to be qualified just like anybody else.

Everyone has a different opinion about this. Some think that he should get the invitation because he deserves it but the majority think that being the 212 champion doesn’t necessarily means that he is already qualified for the open because it is different.

Some even think that he should wait until next year if needed just so it can be fair for everyone.

Well, I guess we just have to wait and see what will happen next! What do you think about this?


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