Are you looking to achieve something? Having a positive attitude and a goal-focused lifestyle is something you need to be successful.

Whether it is in bodybuilding, or some sports, or maybe you’re just looking to improve and be the better version of yourself, whatever it is you want, you need to take action for you to get there.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 3 important things that will help you reach your goals.

However, before we dive into these 3 things, I need to tell you something. Success does not happen overnight, however, we have another version of success that happens every time and is part of our daily lives. This kind of success happens when you hit your daily goal. Yes sir! That is a success as well which is completely underrated. However, having to recognize this kind of thing is important as it will help you big time. We will talk more about that later.

Desire + Goal

Let’s say for example you wanted to look like Jay Cutler or Phil Heath, or you wanted to be Mr. Olympia, this desire will help you reach your goal!

Goals and desires are almost the same except for one thing, the goal is something you have complete control over where you need to take the stairs (step-by-step action) to reach the peak (your goal!). Desire on the other hand is the idea of the success you wanted to achieve. You need both of them to fuel you up.

What exactly do you desire in life and what goals do you have that will help you get there?

I’m not talking about bodybuilding in particular but I am saying this in general.
Let me give you another example. Let’s say you are into music big time and you are in love with guitars. You dream of being able to solo your favorite song one day and be recognized worldwide. The thought of it will lift up your mood and the desire of being a great guitarist will make you set goals for yourself like sparing 90 minutes of your time every day just practicing guitar.

Another example is in writing. Having the desire to have your own book published will make you set goals to at least write 1000 words per day and will make you commit that whenever an idea comes up you will write it down, maybe on your phone’s notepad or even just on a scratch paper.

There is nothing more rewarding than to see yourself hitting your goals every day and seeing the results of your hard work. That is the other version of success I am talking about earlier. Recognizing what you did the whole day, or the whole week regardless of how small it is will surely keep you moving forward.


This is the discussion we can’t miss!

We have your desire and goals as your fuel but who will be your driver? It’s no other than your attitude!

When you first set your goals, it is kind of easy to follow through and hit them because you have that fire in you that keeps you going. However, there are days when you might not hit your goals and that is completely normal. The question is, how will you take it?

Results are the greatest motivator of all. If you are seeing results then why will you stop, right?
Some results won’t show up instantly. Let’s say you wanted to be fit and you started working out every day. However, after a couple of days or weeks, you look in the mirror and you are seeing no results at all. Everything looks the same. Why is that?

Maybe you’re practicing guitar and putting all your efforts in. But still, you are having a hard time playing the song that you like. You might ask yourself, what is it you’re doing wrong?

The Power of Attitude.

A lot of people tend to shut down when they don’t see results and decided to just stop everything because it doesn’t seem to work. Well, we don’t want that kind of attitude because it will legit take you nowhere. It’s like a lazy driver who refuses to drive and decided to just stop by and eat a taco while using all the possible excuses not to drive.

Dude, you are responsible for your own success and you better avoid having that lazy driver in you! If you think you have it then fire him already! Look for a better driver that will keep going no matter what.
What I mean by that is to fix your attitude. Listening to some motivational podcasts or meditation might help you.

Again, results might not show up instantly and will take time, but, if you are taking things positively and always looking at the bright side, then you’ll get the rewarding results in no time! Just keep pushing through and you will get there no matter what. Like what they always say, “There is light at the end of the tunnel.”


The word focus itself is self-explanatory and I bet you already know what it means.

We all know that it is prohibited to text while driving as it might cause accidents, or you might get lost on the road, and those kinds of stuff, right?
Same as with our life. If you’re not focused then you might lose track of everything and it might take you way too long to reach your goals.

Let’s say you did work out on the time you spared. However, you know for a fact that in the period of 90 minutes, you only used 20 minutes working out and the rest you’re just trolling around, taking selfies, and spending all your time editing a video to post on social media. That will take you long, brother.

If you spared a specific time of the day to do something, then help yourself focus. If needed, put your phone on silent or shut it down, put all the effort that you can, and stay focused! Not only will it help you see results faster, but it will also keep you from distractions and put you in the best position you can ever be in.

If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it.

Stop wasting your time and start taking action! This is the sign you are waiting for, my friend.

Get your ass out there and start planning your day or week and start working to get the success you desire.
You reach this point where you are now ready to rock and I am so excited to see your success!

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