This is to piggyback on the “Time Management Hacks” post that covers procrastination and productivity. If you have not already yet, I suggest you check it out first and then jump back on here. That will help you build a strong foundation when it comes to managing your time and being productive. This post, on the other hand, will give you a guide on how to start and what tools to use in order to get the productivity rhythm going.

The main reason why boosters are important is that they will keep you stay on track. Not only that, but it will also help you show yourself what you’re capable of, and being able to see everything you’ve done and reflect on it is the most rewarding feeling ever.

Time Management Hacks

These hacks will surely help you out with your productivity. The main key to becoming productive are the following. Let me list them all for you in bullets.


  • Have a proper mindset
  • Set your goal
  • Build up a routine
  • Plan your week
  • Put up a rest day
  • Be consistent and don’t forget to smile!

As well, here are the 3 things that you need to be successful.


  • Desire + Goal
  • Attitude
  • Focus

Given the list above, you might think that it is pretty simple and you don’t need a booster at all since you already planned your week. Maybe you have already planted it in your brain or you might have written it somewhere.

That is good! However, there are times when you will encounter some issues where you will need some help or you’ll lose your focus. It happens to me all the time where when I plan to do something, I get overwhelmed and end up not doing anything at all for that day. The worst part is when you realized you missed the task, you then decide to quit and RIP Mr. Productivity.

Common Issues you Might Encounter

However, there might be some time where you plan to do multiple stuff in a day and you’ve written down something like, on Monday, I will work out then do some project, clean house, etc. but then, when you were about to start something, you got confused, not sure where to begin and ended up doing nothing.

Don’t worry, that is completely normal and it happens to everyone.


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