Have you heard of Krizo yet?

Well, maybe you do or maybe you don’t but let me tell you, you need to remember this name, “Michal Krizo”. This name will surely have a huge impact on the Olympia shows.

Although Krizo has not earned his pro card yet, everyone keeps saying that he might be the next Mr. Olympia.

Jay Cutler’s Comments to Michal Krizo!!!

So, 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler was shocked to see Krizo posing in the Golds Gym where he was able to see him up close in personal.

Hear this from Cutler himself.

Michal Krizo… He’s the real deal.
If this guy wins his pro card in the IFBB Pro League, he will have instant qualification for the Mr. Olympia and he’s gonna be a big problem.

Jay Cutler, Cutler Cast #38

Not only that. Even Nick Walker, Lee Priest, etc. have talked about him!

2022 EVLS Prague Amateur to Pro

So, since Michal Krizo hasn’t earned his pro card yet, the plan is for him to join the IFBB Prague amateur show and if he wins, he is then expected to join the Pro show and earn his qualifications for the Olympia.

The EVLS Prague Pro is happening on the 29th of October this year and this is something everyone is looking forward to because of Michal Krizo.

So, what do you think of him? Do you think he is the real deal?


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