Did James Hollingshead F*cked Up?

Did James Hollingshead F*cked Up?

James Hollingshead a.k.a. The Shed is one of the bodybuilders who has participated in this year’s Olympia and ranked Top 12 in the open division.

A lot of people feel sorry for him for not making it to the Top 10 and most are trying to justify that he deserves a higher rank. But, what exactly happened?

James Hollingshead in the Olympia Stage

For those who have not seen his posing routine yet, here you go!

As well, listed below are the 2021 Olympia Results for your reference.

Mr. Olympia 2021 Results

  1. Big Ramy (Mamdouh Elssbiay)
  2. Brandon Curry
  3. Hadi Choopan
  4. Hunter Labrada
  5. Nick Walker
  6. William Bonac
  7. Iain Valliere
  8. Justin Rodriguez
  9. Akim Williams
  10. Mohamed Shaaban
  11. Roelly Winklaar
  12. James Hollingshead
  13. Hassan Mostafa
  14. Patrick Moore
  15. Regan Grimes
  16. Andrea Presti

How is James Taking it?

As per James’ post on Instagram after the Olympia, he is getting a lot of kind messages from fans but here’s what he got to say.

That is his personal message to his fans.

Redcon also posted a short video of James speaking up about what happened to him in the Olympia.

I’m back in the gym training coz of the result. That result is everything U need in order to be better for next time. If that result wasn’t the case or if I didn’t accept the result and tried to blame other factors and not take the blame myself, then there’d be no fucking point being a bodybuilder because I’m in control and I know I got it wrong.

James Hollingshead, Top 12 Mr. Olympia

You can watch the video below.

Some Takeaways from James

James Hollingshead’s incredible mindset is a great influence for anybody out there!


In order to be the best of yourself, acceptance is important. Acceptance of when you make errors. It’s okay to be like, shit man we got this wrong!” James said. “Sometimes justification is the worst thing, sometimes truth and honesty is the best thing for you.”

Brandon Curry’s Preparation for Olympia

Brandon Curry’s Preparation for Olympia

Everyone seems to have noticed the huge improvement in Brandon Curry’s overall physique this year. He looked phenomenal on the Olympia stage that made the crowd go crazy. We can clearly say that Brandon Curry is in his best shape for this competition.

Brandon Curry’s entrance on the Olympia stage is so lit. Shoulders and arms seem to be one of his strengths and he was able to display incredibly beautiful packs out there. If you have not seen his posing yet, check this out!

People are saying that Brandon Curry should have worked more on his legs.

There are legit a lot of comments about what else he should’ve worked on to beat Big Ramy. However, there is no doubt that he is looking at his best self, and that indeed is impressive.

Brandon Curry’s Preparation Interview

Sole Premise premiered an interview with Brandon Curry on 12 Oct where says what has been different this year and he also talks about some other stuff.

Let’s take a look at the questions that were asked and how Brandon answered them.

What Made it Different from Last Year’s Olympia?

As per Brandon, what made it different from last year is the feature of having Ahmad Alnaqi in his team.

Ahmad focused on his training where they did more training frequency, more different training variables and they also tracked progressive overload during training so he can see how his performance was.

Brandon said that his body responded great to this kind of training and he feel fresh. Below is one of the products that he is using as seen in his interview. [You can click here to purchase]

Here is one of Ahmad’s posts in IG where they hang out with William Bonac after the Olympia. That’s Ahmad from the left, then Brandon, then Abdullah Alotaibi (his coach), and William.

Where Does Your Mind Go as You Train?

Well, you know for me, I stayed mostly in the moment,” Brandon says.

He said tho that he still relax and make sure that he set himself to the best performance. Brandon also mentioned that he focused mostly on his breathing which is for him is very important. He said that it can make a huge difference between 2 or 3 reps that you have in the tank.

His Challenge?

He is battling with his coach Ahmed when it comes to training. It happens where Ahmed puts the weight on where he might think he can’t do it but Brandon said that he will push himself to do it.

I may look at him crazy, I may go what you doing? And he says yea I want you to do 10 so I’m like, okay let’s do it.” He mentioned.

Per Brandon, he wanted to put it to the test and prove Ahmad that he can do it and he is not gonna go back down doing a workout.

What Has Helped You Stay in The Sport This Long?

For Brandon, it’s about him pushing himself and not trying to be stupid in the gym.

He also mentioned that he listens to the smart guys and older gentleman who has given him plenty of advice over the years as far as recovery and not training stupid.

It’s also him not bringing his ego in the gym and just keep pushing through. He said that if you bring ego then you might put yourself at risk.

Does Hadi Choopan Deserve The O?

Does Hadi Choopan Deserve The O?

The 34-year-old Persian wolf Hadi Choopan once again competed in this year’s Olympia, in which he ranked 3rd place in the open division. Not only that, but he also won the People’s Choice award for the 2nd time in a row!

It seems as though Hadi Choopan is the most loved of all bodybuilders because aside from winning the People’s choice award, his fans are not satisfied and are voicing their opinions on social media. Most of the comments say that they have it for either Hadi Choopan or Brandon Curry.

See this discussion post about Hadi Choopan below as an example.
Click here to view the actual post and see more of the comments.

[convo screenshots has been deleted]

A lot of discussions like above are roaming around the internet so if you are curious as to why people appeal to the results, take a look at Choopan’s posing.

The Top 5 winners were declared to be:

1st – Big Ramy
2nd – Brandon Curry
3rd – Hadi Choopan
4th – Hunter Labrada
5th – Nick Walker

A Look at Hadi Choopan’s Background

Before we look further, let’s not forget that Choopan won the People’s Choice award apart from ranking 3rd place on Mr. Olympia. He also won the same award last year (2020) that makes it his 2nd time in a row.

You can watch the awarding below.

Hadi indeed displays an incredible physique and also has a nice character. He is also active on Instagram under the @hadi_choopan account.

Watch this video where he happily presents his award to everyone!

What else does he have tho aside from that?

Well, let me tell you.

He only has 105 provincial gold medals from Fars & Tehran provinces, 33 national medals that include 30 golds, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medal.

In 2012, he received a silver medal in WBPF World Championships, followed by a gold medal in WBPF Asia Championships by 2013. In the same year, he also got a gold medal in the WBPF World Championships which he was able to retain for 3 years up until 2015.

He then joined Mr. Olympia Amateur in 2017 and got a gold medal. See the rest of the history below.

[timeline_awesome id=”2393″]

Well how about that?

That’s the Persian Wolf buddy.

Olympia Results and prize money for all divisions

Olympia Results and prize money for all divisions

The Olympia is the premier platform for bodybuilders around the world, where the best in the world showcase their physiques to determine who is number one. All year long, competitors have worked to qualify for this contest, either by winning other IFBB Pro shows or by earning enough points from competing throughout the year, to earn an invitation to this contest.

Included among the 11 divisions competing was the first-ever Wellness competition to take place on the Mr. O stage, which is a division made up of ladies who are judged on their overall physiques, with specific attention paid to the hips, calves, and thighs. The other ten divisions on the roster were, of course, the Men’s Open, as well as 212, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Ms. Olympia, Fitness, Figure, Women’s Physique, and Wheelchair competitions.

That said, without a doubt, the biggest draw is always the Open Bodybuilding division, where this year’s Mr. Olympia was crowned. Heading into the competition, the defending champion Big Ramy seemed to be unstoppable, but with a lineup filled with former champs, veterans, and young prospects, it was far from a sure thing that he would win. That said, if he was able to bring the same type of physique with him that he had last year, fans were sure that nobody could walk over him.


Mr. Olympia (Men’s Open)

  • Winner — Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, $400,000
  • Second Place — Brandon Curry, $150,000
  • Third Place — Hadi Choopan, $100,000
  • Fourth Place — Hunter Labrada, $40,000
  • Fifth Place — Nick Walker, $35,000

212 Olympia

  • Winner — Derek Lunsford, $50,000
  • Second Place — Shaun Clarida, $20,000
  • Third Place — Kamal Elgargni, $10,000
  • Fourth Place — Angel Calderon Frias, $5,000
  • Fifth Place — Nathan Epler, $3,000

Classic Physique

  • Winner — Chris Bumstead, $50,000
  • Second Place — Terrence Ruffin, $15,000
  • Third Place — Breon Ansley, $10,000
  • Fourth Place — Urs Kalecinski, $3000
  • Fifth Place — Ramon Rocha Querioz, $2000

Men’s Physique

  • Winner — Brandon Hendrickson, $50,000
  • Second Place — Erin Banks, $15,000
  • Third Place — Diogo Montenegro, $10,000
  • Fourth Place — Kyron Holden
  • Fifth Place — Raymont Edmonds

Wheelchair Olympia

  • Winner — Harold Kelley
  • Second Place — Gabriele Andriulle
  • Third Place — Antoni Khadraoui
  • Fourth Place — Adelfo Cerame Jr.
  • Fifth Place — Tyler Brey


Chris Bumstead is the Classic Physique Olympia champ, after winning the 2021 Olympia, which was held in Orlando, Florida, from October 7th-10th. By the end of the showdown, Terrence Ruffin was in second place, with Breon Ansley coming in the third-place position.

The Classic Physique division has been one of the fastest-growing divisions in this sport, over the last several years.

In fact, ahead of the 2021 Olympia, it has been a big topic of conversation, with people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and others suggesting that the sport should be headed in that direction, rather than with Open Bodybuilding, which has more potential to be dangerous.

On top of that, it plays host to one of the biggest stars in the sport today, two-time reigning champ Chris Bumstead. Fans were really excited to tune into the contest this year, to see if he would be able to score a three-peat.

By the end of the competition, Bumstead earned the title once again, winning the 2021 Classic Physique Olympia for a third straight year. Terrence Ruffin who pulled off a second-place win, and former champ Breon Ansley who ended in third, both of whom were fighting valiantly to win the title, but had to settle for these scores instead.

Below are the top 5 results

Coverage of the 2021 Olympia

Classic Physique Finals Top 5 Winners

  1. Chris Bumstead
  2. Terrence Ruffin
  3. Breon Ansley
  4. Urs Kalecinski
  5. Ramon Rocha Querioz