The Key to Success

The Key to Success

An idea comes up, an inspiration kicks in. You wanted to be this, you wanted to be that. You feel motivated and unstoppable. You were determined.

But, how long will it last? How are you so sure that you will be successful? How can you tell that you are on the right track?

Well baby, that is what I’m here for. To help you identify whether your determined enough to be the person you wanted to be and give you a solid foundation and make you stronger than ever.

What’s in it For You?

This is the strongest question ever. Listen, this post will be short but will definitely help you a lot. I mean it.

Now that you’ve opened this page, there is no turning back. Let’s have a ‘lil bit of activity here.

Making your own Key to Success.

Let’s start by you grabbing a pen and paper or if not accessible at the moment, open your phone/pc’s notepad.
Once ready, start filling up a short form.

Follow this format.

What's in it For Me

My Goal

Pros (Write 3!)

Action Plan

This form is powerful and knowing those will surely give you a strong foundation to keep working towards your dreams.

A lil summary

Let me give you a break down of the form and how those will help you. That way, you’ll have a better understanding on what those are and how it might help.

What’s in it For Me – This is just the form title. Having it visible on the form will give you a quick summary on what this is all about so I suggest you have it up there.

Date – Don’t underestimate the power of date. Time keeps running and knowing the date when you’ve written/ answered the form will help you reflect about how long it has been since that day and seeing your achievements is definitely fulfilling.

My Goal – This is extremely important and before you write it in, I suggest you think about it very carefully! This is something that where you have to commit. Is this really what you wanted? Do you see yourself on it on the long way run?

Pros – What are pros exactly? It is the advantages that you will get when you achieve your goal. Think of at least 3 pros that you will get for this goal. This will get you motivated to continue working on your stuff and will give you a strong hold on your goal.

Don’t Just Let it Go

If something didn’t go well or you feel like nothing is working, don’t just let it go! But rather, look back at the form and visualize you having achieved that goal.

Having to look at the form when you are in a tough times will help you get the fire back burning inside you!

Share it to me!

Once you’re done with the form, take a picture of it and send it to me. You can send it on my email – I would be glad to see that and I will add the photo here on my site if you let me. Let’s inspire each other!

You can als0 check some other blogs I posted. I suggest you read: Be Successful with This 3 Things.

The Best Productivity Booster

The Best Productivity Booster

This is to piggy back on the “Time Management Hacks” post that covers procrastination and productivity. If you have not already yet, I suggest you check it out first and them jump back on here. That will help you build a strong foundation when it comes to managing your time and being productive. This post, on the other hand will give you a guide on how to start and what tools to use in order to get the productivity rhythm going.

The main reason why boosters are important is because it will keep you stay on track. Not only that, it will also help you show yourself what you’re capable of and being able to see everything you’ve done and reflect on it is the most rewarding feeling ever.

Time Management Hacks

These hacks will surely help you out with your productivity. The main key on becoming productive are the following. Let me list them all for you in bullets.

  • Have a proper mindset
  • Set your goal
  • Build up a routine
  • Plan your week
  • Put up a rest day
  • Be consistent and don’t forget to smile!

As well, here are the 3 things that you need to be successful.

  • Desire + Goal
  • Attitude
  • Focus

Given the list above, you might think that it is pretty simple and you don’t need a booster at all since you already planned your week. Maybe you have already planted it on your brain or you might have written it somewhere.

That is good! However, there are times where you will encounter some issues where you will need some help or you’ll lose your focus. It happens to me all the time where when I plan to do something, I get overwhelmed and end up not doing anything at all for that day. The worst part is when you realized you missed the task, you then decide to quit and RIP Mr. Productivity.

Common Issues you Might Encounter

However, there might be some time where you plan to do multiple stuff in a day and you’ve written down something like, on Monday, I will work out then do some project, clean house, etc. but then, when you were about to start something, you got confused, not sure where to begin and ended up doing nothing.

Don’t worry, that is completely normal and it happens to everyone.


If you’re thinking about Red Bull or some energy drink then yeah… it might be one. You can get your red bull here by the way.

Anyway, have you heard of “” before?

This is one of the best boosters out there. Not only will it keep you organized, it also has some unique features that will for sure get you committed in doing something and becoming productive.

How do you like to have someone text you at a certain time to remind you to do this and that? Like a supportive girlfriend? Well, with, you will get WhatsApp notifications that remind you consistently of the tasks that you need to do. You just have to set your mindset to commit and not procrastinate. Premium

While is completely free, they do offer premium subscriptions that includes the following.

I highly recommend because it guarantees your productivity!

You can subscribe to here for free.

Time Management Hacks

Time Management Hacks

I am not sure how you found me and how you came across my website but I am so excited to see you here!
This article will cover more about time management fundamentals that can help you achieve what you desire in life.

Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

William Gibson

So, if you’re struggling in managing your time, or you wanted to improve and be productive, I got you. You are definitely on the right page! We will be talking about the great “Procrastination” and how you can get rid of it while also discussing tips and tricks that you can use to be more productive.

What is Procrastination and how it affects Time Management

This became quite a bit popular in social media and the internet as memes because everyone can seem to relate. While time management has been neglected by most people in society, procrastination on the other hand gains a lot of attention.

Procrastination is simply the process of delaying tasks and it has a huge effect on your productivity. Things that you can finish in 5-15 minutes end up taking an hour, or day, even weeks, maybe months, or might end up not being done at all. It completely ruins time management and completely promotes “laziness”.

That meme above is one great example that shows procrastination as a whole.

If you wanted to be successful, you might probably want to remove procrastination from your system. It might not be that easy but is totally achievable. You can also check my other post, Be Successful with These 3 Things here.

Understand Procrastination and Focus on Time Management

I recommend you go check first this talk as well by Tim Urban called, “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator.”

This talk really helped a lot in my mindset. If you are a bit lazy to watch, don’t worry. Let me summarize for you.

Tim Urban used visual representation to show how playful a procrastinator’s brain can get.
For a non-procrastinator, their brain was controlled by a rational decision-maker.

It looks like this:

On the other hand, the brain of a procrastinator looks like this:

There is this “Instant gratification monkey” who distracts the rational decision-maker from doing things. The monkey lives in the moment and doesn’t care about the past nor the future. It loves to do easy and fun things and will take you to its dark playground where all the non-productive fun happens.

You don’t want this monkey to be the driver of your life as it will get you nowhere. But fear not, there is this panic monster whom the monkey is afraid of. However, the panic monster is usually dormant most of the time. He will suddenly wake up any time a deadline gets too close or if there is danger, public embarrassment, a career disaster, or some other scary consequences.

When the panic monster wakes up, here’s what happens:

Still no Time Management tho-

Since the monkey is scared of the panic monster, he will then run up and hide on his tree. The rational decision-maker can then start working on a project or task.

However, since most of the time was wasted playing in the dark playground with the monkey, you might end up over-working yourself but we don’t know what the results will be.

So, the point here is that you need the panic monster in order to get rid of your monkey and then start being productive. To do that, you just need to set a deadline to make sure the panic monster would be up scaring the monkey away.

The Power of Mindset.

Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday.

John Wayne

I hope you pay attention to the Ted talk above. One of the reasons why I put it before everything else is because of its effect. It will legit contribute big time from your point of view. If you want to be productive and be a better you, then you have to start focusing on your mindset. Instead of trying to explain what I mean, let me illustrate it to you.

If you are waiting for the day where you will wake up feeling refreshed, motivated, inspired, blah blah, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it will never gonna happen.

It’s an Illusion, such thing does not exist!

Do you think that when you’ve done nothing all week but to sleep or lay down, you will wake up inspired all of sudden?

Well, maybe. However, if you have the kind of mindset where you just sit down, wait for inspiration to come, and do nothing, then you are what they call ‘lazy’. People always use excuses over excuses to avoid doing something and man, I got to tell you. That thing is bad. The secret to being productive is being able to control your every action with the proper mindset.

As what Stephen King says;

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

There might be some days where you will wake up feeling good but the chances are very low. Plus, if you just rely on this then just a Lil bit of bad news for the day can ruin everything and will make you go back to doing nothing.

Stop this cliche!

Let’s do something fun and let’s see whether it’s cliche or not.

“How do you manage time?”


Try asking your friends that, or maybe search on the internet. Did they say something like “I plan my day.”, “I follow to-do tasks.”, something like that? If you searched on Google, what do you see?
It is always like that! It’s what everyone knows to be the best way to manage time.

While it is completely true, it is not gonna work out as easy as it sounds if you don’t have the proper mindset.

Have you ever had this experience where after watching a certain movie or show, you kinda get inspired and wanted to be like the character you love the most? For some, it’s probably nothing, but there are some people who take it to the next level and work really hard to become that person. Their brain was programmed to do this and that which will then lead to their success.

It’s all in the mind.

What you need is a determined, positive mindset if you wanted to be productive and beat the clock. Listening to motivational podcasts like “The Mindset Mentor” will surely help you out. Or you can check out this book “The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work”. It is available free in the audible app.


So, what I’m saying probably is mixing up so let me put on step by step for you.

How to Manage Your Time & be Productive

  1. Have the proper mindset

    The more positive you are, the more productive you can get.
    Being able to put yourself together and control your every actions is extremely important. With the proper mindset, it will help you go further.

    Listening to motivational podcasts and reading books will help you a lot for sure.

  2. Set Your Goal

    Think of the thing that you really want to achieve and focus on it.
    Imagine how it will be like to achieve your goals and it will surely help you stay on track and work your way up.

  3. Build up a routine

    While setting a goal might be a little easy, building up a routine may not be as easy as it is but it will help in your productivity as it will help your body adjust through a routine.

    Think of what you wanted to do every time you open your eyes in the morning and before you close it in the evening. Was it skin care, meditation, or work out maybe?

    Do it everyday and stick with it. You’ll be amazed of the results afterwards for sure.

  4. Plan Your Week

    You already have a goal and a routine and now is the time to plan your week. You can do it every Sunday night before you go to bed. Make sure you prioritize and stick with the schedule!

  5. Put up a Rest day!

    There is nothing more rewarding than to relax after you’ve done all the work you were supposed to do for the week.

    Plan what day it is that you can rest and relax. When you get to the point where you are feeling tired and exhausted from working, having a rest day you can look forward to will definitely be helpful. The satisfied, relaxed feeling is something you can’t miss!

  6. Be Consistent and don’t Forget to Smile.

    I challenge you to be consistent! Do it not only for 1-2 weeks but for the rest of your life. You can change it everytime tho.

    One thing’s for sure is that, knowing that you’ve been productive will give you smile on your face and a joy in your heart. Smile and show it to the world!

Plan, Manage, Be Productive and Happy!